• An-Nihj ul-Asmaa Fii Sharh Asma’u  Allah-ul-Husna by Shaikh Muhammad Al-Humoud Al-Najdi.
  • The Most Beautiful Names of Allah by Samira Fayyad Khawaldah.

The Name of Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala), Al-Qahir, is mentioned is the Qur’an twice. Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said in Surat Al-An’am (6:61):

وهو القاهِرُ فَوْقَ عِبَادهِ ويُرْسِلُ عَلَيْكم حَفَظَة

“He is the Irresistible (Supreme) over His slaves, and He sends guardians (angels guarding and writing all of one’s good and bad deeds) over you.”

Also Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said in Surat in Al-An’am (6:18):

وَهُوَ الْقَاهِرُ فَوْقَ عِبَادِهِ وَهُوَ الَحكِيم الخبير

“And He is the Irresistible (Supreme), above His slaves, and He is the All-Wise, the Well-Acquainted with (all things).”

The Name, Al-Qahhaar, is more intensive than Al-Qahir and it has been mentioned in the Noble Qur’an six times:

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said in Surat Ar-R’ad (13:16):

قُلِ اللّهُ خَالِقُ كل شيءٍ وَهُوَ الوَاحِدُ القّهار

“Say: ‘Allah is the Creator of all things. He is the One, the Subduer (Irresistible).”

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) also said in Surat Ghafir (40:16):

ولِمَنِ الُمْلكُ الَيْومَ للّهِ الواحِدِ القّهار

“Whose is the Kingdom this Day? (Allah Himself will reply to His question); it is Allah’s the One, the Irresistible (the Subduer).”

The meaning of these two mighty Names:

Ibn Jarir (Rahimahullaah) said: Al-Qahir is the Supreme over His slaves, the Exalted over them. Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) mentioned the statement “over His slaves” because He attributed Himself of Subduing them; and the attribute of every subduer is to be High and Supreme over them. [Jamie’ Al-Bayan]

Ibn Katheer (Rahimahullaah) said: “He is Al-Qahir over His slaves i.e. the One who has subdued everything, and all the tyrants and arrogant have humbled themselves to Him. All faces shall be humbled before His Mighty and Grandeur. [Tafseer Ibn Katheer]

Al-Khattabi (Rahimahullaah) said: “Al-Qahhaar is the One Who subdued the tyrants among His creation by punishment and subdued all His creation by death.” [Sha’n ad-Du’aa]

Shaikh As-Sa’di (Rahimahullaah) said: “Al-Qahhaar is the One Who subdued every thing. The one before whom the whole creation has humbled itself, and submitted before His Grandeur, power, and perfect Strength.”

The impact of believing in these two Names:

1-   The Truly Irresistible is Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) Alone. He Who has overcome all His slaves. Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) has written death upon His slaves; no one can resist or repel it even if he has been given the power and strength.

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) has mentioned death and attributing Himself with Al-Qahir (the Irresistible) to remind His slaves with something that He has subdued them all with.

In Surat Al-An’am (6:61-62), Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said:

.وهو القاهِرُ فَوّقَ عبادِهِ ويُرْسِلُ عليكم حَفَظَةٍ حتى إِذا جاء أَحَدكُمُ الموتُ تَوفّتْهُ رُسُلُنا وهم لا يُفَرِّطُون

.ثم رُدُّوا إلى الله مَوْلَاهُمُ  الحقّ ألا له الحُكْمُ وهو أَسْرَعُ الحاسبين

“He is the Irresistible, Supreme over His slaves, and He sends guardians over you, until when death approaches one of you, Our messengers (Angels of death and his assistants) take his soul, and they never neglect their duty. Then they are returned to Allah, their ‘Maula’ [True Master, the Just Lord]. Surely, His is the judgment and He is the Swiftest in taking account.”

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) also subdued His creation with sicknesses, calamities and afflictions which they cannot drive back from themselves.

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said in Surat Ghafir (40:16):

لمن المُلْكُ اليومَ للّهِ الواحِدِ القّهار

“Whose is the kingdom this Day? It is Allah’s the One, the Irresistible (the Subduer).”

When Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) asks this question:

“Where are the tyrants, the kings of this world to answer Him. Where are the Prophet and Messengers; where are the angels. Where are the mislead people and the atheists. Where are Adam and his offspring; where are Iblees and his followers, they are all perished and dead.” [Sharh Al-Asma’]

2- The attribute of vanquishing in the case of the creation, is usually a dispraised attribute; because it is based on oppression and transgression, as well as the overpowering of the weak and the poor as Pharaoh said:

سَنُقَتِّلُ أَبْنَاءَهُمْ ونَسْتَحْي نِسَاءَهُمْ وإِنّا فَوْقَهُم قاهرون

“He said: ‘We will kill their sons, and let live their women, and we have indeed irresistible power over them.” (Al-Araf 7:127)

And Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said in Surat Ad-Duha (93:9):

فأمّا اليتيم فلا تَقْهَر

“Therefore, treat not the orphan with oppression.”

This means give him his right. And Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) particularized the orphan because he has no supporter or helper except Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala).

Therefore, Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) made the punishment of the oppressor so severe. His statement in verse (93:10):

وأمّا السَّائل فلا تَنْهَر

“And repulse not her beggar (or the one who seeks knowledge).”

This means that as for the petitioner do not repel (him).

Then Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) said in verse (93:11):

وأمّا بِنِعْمَةِ ربِّك فَحَدِّثْ

“And proclaim the Grace of your Lord.”

Al-Qurtubi (Rahimahullaah) said: “The great Grace of his (the Prophet Muhammad (Salla-Allaahu alaihi wa sallam)) Lord is what He has bestowed upon him of Prophet hood, messenger ship, love, knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) obliged him to show that and talk about it (or report it), and teach the ignorant without reminding him of His favor upon him nor repulsing or oppressing him.

Mu’awiah Bin Al-Hakam Al-Sulami (Rahimahullaah) said: “Let my father and mother be sacrificed for him (the Prophet (Salla-Allaahu alaihi wa sallam)), I have not seen a teacher before or after him who is better than him in teaching. By Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala), he did not oppress me, nor beat me or abuse me.” [Muslim]

3- Allah’s Statement in Surat Al-An’am (6:61):

وهو القاهر فَوْقَ عِبادِهِ

“And He is the Irresistible above His slaves.”

This indicates Allah’s highness over His slaves [Highness in Attributes and highness in His position or place]. The evidence from the Qur’an and the Sunnah agreed upon the highness of Allah’s place; as it is mentioned in Surat Ta-Ha (20:5):

الرحمنُ على العَرْشِ استوى

“The Most Beneficent (Allah) rose over the (mighty). Throne (in a manner) that suits His Majesty.”

4- He (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) overpowered all His creation upon whatever He wills.

The whole universe runs according to laws laid down by Him. No one can reverse them and those who try to break them suffer.

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) has the absolute will and the absolute power to implement it. His will is free, and nothing can hinder it.

5- Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala), Al-Qahhaar, is the Only One Who deserves to be worshipped and non other. All other deities are helpless and subdued creations which do not have the power to drive harm away from themselves,  thus how can they subdue others?

Prophet Yusuf (Joseph (‘Alayhissalam)) used this proof to argue with or to defy his companions in prison when he (‘Alayhissalam) said:

يا صاحبي السِّجْنِ ءأَربابٌ مُّتَفَرِّقون خَيرٌ أم الّلهُ الواحدُ القهار

“O my two companions of Prison! Are many different lords (gods) better or Allah, the One, the Irresistible?” (Yusuf 12:39)

He (‘Alayhissalam) clarified to them that their gods are many and different and they are called gods without proof or evidence:

ما تَعْبُدُون من دُونِهِ إلاّ أسماءً سَمّيْتُمُوها أنتم وآباؤُكُم مَّا أَنزَلَ اللّهُ بِهَا مِن سُلْطَانٍ

“You do not worship besides Him but only names which you have forged, you and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority.” (Yusuf 12:40)

What sort of power do such gods have?

6-   Only Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala), the Exalted, may force natural phenomena to behave in an unusual manner. The Prophets’ Miracles are examples of these:

قلنا يا نارُ كوني برداً وسلاماً على إبراهيم

“We (Allah) said: “O fire! Be you coolness and safety upon Abraham!” (Al-Anbiya’ 21:69)


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