• It has three meanings:
    • The One Who watches what is hidden in the hearts. He knows the meaning of the movement of your eyes. We may not know it ourselves, but Allah (swt) knows and is watching us. Allah (swt) is watching our movements, our utterances, our actions, our hearts, our secrets – good and evil, minor and major.
    • He is Al Hafidh (الحافظ) – He is the Keeper and Maintainer. He never forgets or neglects and He will take account of all that I’m doing. He’s encompassing and counting everything we do. You may be lying in bed and thinking I will do this and that, you need to believe with certainty that Allah (swt) is watching your thoughts.
    • He is Al ‘Aleem, As Samee’, Al Baseer (العليم السميع البصير). His name entails knowledge, hearing and seeing.

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